Private yacht charter dubai




Impress our loved ones with unforgettable moments on board our Exclusive Luxury yacht.

The Exclusive Cruise is tailor made for the full enjoyment of you and your partner, family or friends,

on your private luxury yacht with the entire crew fulfilling your every request.

Whether for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelor Parties, Wedding Receptions,

Special Holiday Celebrations or just for a Day Out with family and friends, it would be our

pleasure to discuss out of the box ideas to accommodate any particularities that you may have.

We are offering fishing trips in dubai


Looking for a fun and exciting yacht cruising and fishing experience in Dubai?

You found the right place!

Do you love the beautiful sunset showering everything with a golden glow?

The gentle salty breeze touching your skin softly?

The soft caress of the rolling waves?

The answer is you must love it. The yacht cruise dubai gives you a chance to enjoy slow rocking

of the boat as it playfully slides over the waves. The sea is unparalleled majesty and unbridled

beauty it is a kingdom full of wonders. There are thousands of things to be explore in ocean

plan a good adventure. That’s why dubai yacht cruise offering the luxurious and comfortable yachts

service for local and international tourists.

If you are looking for a more upscale boating experience,

you can go on a luxury yacht cruise.

yacht rental dubai is a wonderful place to visit,

with its grand landscape and its various sights and tours.
or a corporate gathering celebrating a company milestone,

you can make an event memorable by going

on a boat cruise in Dubai Marina if you want to celebrate in comfort and style,

contact dubai Yacht

rental and schedule yourself for a yacht rental today. Let us show you the beauty of the sea.

To make your private events special,

Our Extras Services:




Floral and decorations,


luxury transportation,

Water sports , jetski

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  1. Would like to organise a 40th birthday surprise for my husband. In total there were be 7 people. This includes a 3 month old baby, 4 and 6 year old child and grandparents. Is this wheelchair friendly? Would like music onboard plus if possible Indian appetisers? Date is Wednesday 19th July, preferably 3 hours from 5pm


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